than survival mode in postpartum



For too long, pregnant women have been told only how HARD motherhood is - and the "goal" of postpartum is just to survive. Don't we deserve more than that? 

But why is it so hard? Because we are thrown into the deep end of motherhood without ANY guidance on

  • how bringing home a baby¬†dramatically¬†changes your relationship with your partner
  • proper time or information to physically heal
  • the changes happening to your brain that have a huge impact on your mental and emotional well-being

You go through SO MUCH in 9 months and then you're just expected to "bounce back" without any real information or guidance on what you need to heal. And on top of that, if you're not SuperMom, if you acknowledge how hard it is, then you're a failure. 

Don't we deserve more than "survival" being the goal of pregnancy and postpartum?  

90% of women wish they knew more about the postpartum stage.
How awful is that. 
This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of our lives!


Yet the majority of women feel like they are:

... riding a rollercoaster of emotions

... completely unprepared and feeling stressed

... overwhelmed, tense that you're not the mother you thought you'd be.

But it's not their fault. They just didn't know what they NEEDED to know. 

No one told them. 

Don't you deserve to..
  • feel¬†CALM and CONFIDENT as you transition into motherhood
  • feel¬†INFORMED and IN CONTROL¬†of your own recovery and what's happening to your brain and body
  • have loving conversations with your partner (and your village) so you feel¬†SUPPORTED¬†and SEEN¬†¬†
  • feel¬†EMPOWERED to identify and get the support you need¬†to¬†HEAL¬†
  • know¬†that PRIORITIZING YOURSELF¬†in your postpartum recovery is not selfish and has a¬†massive positive impact for your baby, your relationship and YOUR health

  • feel¬†ENERGIZED and¬†NOURISHED by practical, healthy and convenient postpartum foods
  • THRIVE¬†during¬†the newborn stage because you feel your best - mentally, physically and emotionally

Yes, you do!

I'll show you the way ...


The Mother Me Method

It's everything you need to know as you prepare to become a mother. You deserve to be informed, prepared and supported.
The Science of Becoming a Mother

This is what makes this program so unique and beneficial for women. Just as adolescence refers to when a child becomes an adult, there is science around what happens to a woman when she becomes a mother. It's called Matrescence.

The problem is no one has heard of it. 

And that's what I'm on a mission to change.

The Mother Me Method is the only program that is grounded in the data and research around Matrescence.

The program is designed to support a woman through the monumental yet universal transformations that every woman goes through when she becomes a mother:

  • physical
  • psychological ¬†
  • emotional
  • social
Becoming a mother changes every aspect of your life.

But most OBGYNs provide little to no support for this aspect of a woman's health. By understanding the changes that happen to your brain, body and relationships, you will be able to confidently and smoothly transition into the permanent state of motherhood. 


This is not about "bouncing back."

This is about embracing who you are becoming. 

Real Moms. Real Results.

See how Mother Me has helped other pregnant women prepare for a happy & healthy postpartum.

What is The Mother Me Method?

The Mother Me Method is a 4-module program with on-demand videos that teaches you what you need to truly heal and confidently transition into motherhood.  So you can actually enjoy the newborn stage instead of just survive it.  The program is geared towards women who are preparing for pregnancy, currently pregnant, or who recently welcomed a child. 

By the end of the Mother Me program, you’ll…

  • Feel calm and confident because you understand and anticipate the hormonal changes happening to your brain and body

  • Be knowledgable about the massive¬†physical changes your body has undergone and have a plan on how to rest and recover, so that you properly heal¬†¬†

  • Know how to navigate emotional conversations with your partner so that you feel supported, appreciated and seen.

No more struggling. No more unrealistic expectations about bouncing back. No more feeling like a failure because you don't feel like your pre-baby self! 
Becoming a mother is an incredibly special time in a woman's life - and you deserve to love it -- not just "survive" it. 
Here's how the program breaks down...

The Postpartum Playbook

Everything you need to know about the social, emotional and physical changes every women experiences during the postpartum period.

In module one, you’re going to learn:

  • What to expect as your hormones rebalance and recalibrate post-delivery, so you're not feeling blindsided or like a crazy lady!
  • How things have shifted inside your body during pregnancy and delivery, and the critical steps you can take to properly heal and protect yourself in those vulnerable first weeks
  • How to adjust gracefully and calmly into your new identity as mom, instead of falling into the unrealistic trap of "bouncing back to your pre-baby self"

The Essential Care Plan

Don't wait for the 6-week 15 min postpartum appointment to start healing.

In module two, you’re going to learn:

  • What you can do to make sure you actually recover and feel better on the inside - not just focusing on how you look on the outside.
  • Inspired by the wisdom of healing methods used all over the world, this section will help you take ACTION on what you now know, with practical and realistic methods.
  • What you need to feel EMPOWERED to heal and CONFIDENT that you will heal and thrive.

Successful Support System Structure

Being SuperMom is unrealistic and unfair.  Trying to do it all yourself is almost a guaranteed path to burn out and resentment. Know the support you need and how to get it, while increasing the connection and understanding between you and your partner.

In module three, you’re going to learn:

  • The various types of support needed to create a happy and healthy postpartum environment and smooth transition to motherhood.
  • Effective ways¬†to have conversations with your significant other and key support people - designed specifically to reduce resentment and increase understanding and appreciation.
  • How to set up your recovery so you feel SUPPORTED and¬†SEEN by your partner and by your village.

Food & Fuel Fundamentals

I know you have a feeding plan for your baby, but did you know you need one for you, too? 

In module four, you’re going to learn:

  • What women in other cultures have been doing for generations to¬†replenish their bodies with nutritious food that you can¬†easily have,¬†too.
  • PRACTICAL versions of these postpartum meals, that require ZERO TO MINIMAL cooking/cleaning, easy to assemble snacks/meals.
  • You will have healthy but CONVENIENT choices that will fuel your body in its recovery... so you feel ENERGIZED and NOURISHED.
Are you ready to take care of YOU?
join Mother Me now

Personalized Recovery Plan 

Work directly with Jess to talk through your needs, goals and concerns for your postpartum experience. 

In addition to the app with the self paced course, you will get bonus worksheets and exercises and a customized plan to ensure that your transition to motherhood has you feeling empowered and supported - in every dimension of your life. 


Easy, self-paced 4 module course

that teaches pregnant women what happens to their brains, bodies, relationships, identities and most importantly, what they can DO to have a happier and healthier postpartum experience.
  • The Postpartum Playbook
  • The Essential Care Plan
  • Successful Support System Structure
  • Food & Fuel Fundamentals

Hello Postpartum loves Mother Me, too!

Mother Me is featured in Hello Postpartum's expert directory as a preferred provider. We are truly honored to have this distinction!

You are not meant to do this alone!
The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our program is designed to make it simple, easy and effective to take control of your postpartum experience.

If you decide that you are not satisfied with the program or it’s not for you, we have a 30-day, FULL money back guarantee.

We hope this gives you the peace of mind that there is literally no risk to trying this, because you can always change your mind and get a full refund.


Hi, I'm Jess.

I'm a mom of three kids and the founder of Mother Me. 

I worked in the tech world for many years (Facebook, Google). When I was pregnant, the LAST thing I had time and energy for was researching postpartum recovery tips.  I wanted the TL;DR on postpartum (a common saying in tech that stands for "too long, didn't read" ) - a quick way to summarize the key points and what action is needed.

I also wanted a science based, data-driven approach to postpartum - not a bunch of click bait social media headlines or "you got this, mama!" advice. 

So I built Mother Me with that philosophy in mind, for other busy, tired pregnant women who want to feel prepared WITHOUT spending hours reading or researching - and who valued the data behind it. 

Becoming a mother changes every aspect of your life - so here's the REAL TALK about what happens to your body, brain and relationships - and most importantly, what you can DO...

so you can be a happy & healthy new mom. 


What I know now 

And now, in addition to the wealth of knowledge I have about what a postpartum women truly needs to thrive, I know:

  • It was not my fault that I didn't¬†know what I needed to know,¬†but I still can't change the fact I didn't enjoy my first two postpartum experiences.
  • I can‚Äôt change the OBGYN system.
  • I can‚Äôt change the B.S.¬†societal pressures on women¬†


What you deserve

I created Mother Me to support and empower expectant mothers with the information YOU actually need to understand and navigate this transition. It's everything I wish I knew and what made all the difference in my third postpartum chapter. 

I believe that as postpartum woman:  

... YOU DESERVE to be taken care of 

... YOU DESERVE to be informed about what’s happening to your body 

... YOU DESERVE to have your recovery as a top priority


... YOU DESERVE to make yourself a top priority


YOU DESERVE to love your newborn phase. 

Can Mother Me help you?

  • If you don‚Äôt have any kids yet and you are thinking about getting pregnant,¬†but you feel nervous and apprehensive about the whole idea of pregnancy, and specifically recovery

  • If you‚Äôre currently pregnant with your first child, and you‚Äôre really excited to have a baby... but, you're overwhelmed and feel clueless¬†about what will happen to you during¬†the postpartum phase
  • If you‚Äôve been through the postpartum experience before and already know how challenging and lonely it can be.¬†

  • ¬†If you want to grow your family, but you‚Äôre scared to do it again..¬†you honestly don‚Äôt know if you (or your relationship) can survive¬†the postpartum period again

If any of these sounds like you, you’re exactly where you need to be.

I can't wait to welcome you into

The Mother Me Method!

If you're ready to take control of your postpartum expereince


How many times in your life will you have a child? How many opportunities will you have to soak up the magic of that sweet little newborn stage? 

For such an important life milestone and chapter, you will never regret being prepared. 

And yet there's still 90% of women who wish they knew more about the postpartum phase. 

Navigating the early days of motherhood are challenging enough as it is - don't make it harder on yourself by going into it feeling unprepared, overwhelmed and uninformed. 

You may be asking yourself...